I want to rent out my house or apartment. Do I need papers?

  • Introduction: Our platform focuses on specific administrative/legal needs of people concerning renting premises for residential purposes.
  • Why is the process needed: When one rents property or premises for residential purposes, he/she obtains a Tenancy Agreement to prove that they are indeed renting a house/ premise for residential purposes.

The benefit of the above process is that the Landlord will receive payments in respect to the Rent amounts and on the other hand, the Tenant will be secure having in place a Tenancy Agreement which defines each party’s roles and obligations.

  • Risk/what happens if the process is not undertaken: Lack of a tenancy Agreement, means that one cannot prove that they are indeed tenants in certain house and hence roles and obligations between the Landlord and Tenant become very obscure.

Set out below is a summary of the requirements, the procedure and the time frame for renting premises for residential purposes.


  1. Obtain the required documents
  2. Prepare Tenancy Agreement/Lease


  • Copy of the Identity Card in respect of the Landlord
  • Copy of the Identity Card of the Tenant


Five days


Direct Costs:

  1. Stamp Duty Amounts on the Tenancy Agreement/lease – K.Shs.240

Disbursement fee: K.Shs.3,000/=

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