How can I obtain a death certificate for a deceased family member?

  • Introduction: Our platform focuses on specific administrative/legal needs of people concerning the application of Death Certificates.
  • Why is the process needed: A death Certificate is an official document issued by the Government which indicates the cause of death of a person, location of death, time of death among other matters.

The benefit of the above process is that You/Applicants will require a death certificate to access services that were previously registered under your/their loved one's name.

The services include the transfer of assets and accessing retirement benefits. 

A death certificate also clears your loved one from government systems such as the voters’ register and also, to deregister them as a taxpayer.

  • Risk/what happens if the process is not undertaken: Lack of a Death Certificate limits you from enjoying the above mentioned benefits.

Set out below is a summary of the requirements, the procedure and the time frame for applying for Death Certificates.


  1. Obtain the required documents
  2. Apply for a Death Certificate through the E-citizen platform or at the District Registrar’s Office.


  • Copy of Burial Permit
  • Identification documents of the deceased person if he/she was above eighteen (18) years
  • A duly completed Form D4 (for the manual Applications)


Ten (10) days


Direct Costs: K.Shs.140/= Disbursement fee: K.Shs.500/=

For further and more detailed information on the above we recommend that you contact an Advocate.
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