How can I apply for a marriage certificate?

  • Introduction: Our platform focuses on specific administrative/legal needs of people concerning the application of Marriage Certificates.
  • Why is the process needed: A marriage Certificate is a document issued by the Registrar of Marriages to ascertain the marriage union between two persons.

A Marriage Certificate is essential because:

    1. It gives one the eligibility to inherit your spouse’s property and also jointly own properties without fear of being denied the right to share the matrimonial property when your spouse dies.
    2. The certificate enables your spouse to join your health benefits.
    3. It is very handy if you have to prove that you are a legally married couple in front of any authorities.
  • Risk/what happens if the process is not undertaken: Lack of a Marriage Certificate means that one cannot prove that they are indeed married in Kenya. In addition, you are liited from accessing your spouse’s benefits.

Set out below is a summary of the requirements, the procedure and the time frame for applying for Marriage Certificates.


  1. Know the type of wedding
  2. Obtain the required documents
  3. Obtain your Marriage Certificate


  • Originals and copies of the Identity Cards of the parties
  • Original and copies of the Birth Certificates of the parties
  • One Coloured Passport size photograph of each of the parties
  • Death Certificate (if needed)
  • Divorce Decree Absolute (if needed)


Approximately Thirty (30) days


Direct Costs:

  1. Civil Marriage
    1. Registrar’s Office – K.Shs.9,700/=
    2. Garden Wedding – K.Shs.16,700/=
  1. Christian Marriage
    1. Conducted in a licensed place of worship – Approximately K.Shs.14,200/=
    2. Conducted in a garden - Approximately  K.Shs.21,200/=
  1. Customary Marriage - K.Shs.3,900/=

Disbursement fee: K.Shs.1,000/=

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