I want to close my Private Company. How do I proceed?

  • Introduction: Our platform focuses on specific administrative/legal needs of people relating to cessation of private companies.
  • Why is the process needed: This is the coming to end of a Company and the legal processes that are involved to ensure that the name of the Company is removed from the Register held at the Companies Registry.
  • Risk/what happens if the process is not undertaken: Lack of undertaking the above has legal effects as one would be required to file taxes in respect of the Company regardless of the fact that it is not a going concern.

Set out below is a summary of the requirements, the procedure and the time frame for cessation of a private company.


  1. Create E-Citizen Account
  2. Cease your private company


  • A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation in respect of the Company


Approximately ninety (90) days


Direct Cost: K.Shs.4,000/= Disbursement fee: K.Shs.2,000/=

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