Jinsi ya kufungua akaunti ya TIMS

Our Platform gives you guidelines on how to create a TIMS Account.
Please see below to enable you to create a TIMS Account:

  1. Log into the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) self-service portal.
  2. Go to the Register an Account Tab.
  3. Click on the Individuals Tab. Thereafter, check either the Citizen/Alien Box.

Please note that the following can create a TIMS Account:

  1. An Individual
  2. Dealers
  3. Financial Institutions
  4. Companies
  1. Enter your Identity Card Serial Number and click enter.
  2. Fill in your Mother’s Maiden Name and click enter.
  3. Fill in your Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) P.I.N. Number and click next.
  4. Confirm your Full Name.
  5. Fill in your Gender by checking either the Male/Female box.
  6. Confirm your Date of birth.
  7. Fill in your occupation.
  8. Fill in your active mobile phone number and click on verify Phone.

Please note that you will receive a message on your phone enquiring whether you want to proceed on NTSA or not.

Click on send authorization code and thereafter verify. (It will indicate verification successful).

  1. Fill in your E-mail Address and obtain a verification code on the same. (This field is optional).
  2. Select a question and input your answer.
  3. Indicate your county of birth.
  4. Indicate your sub – county of birth.
  5. Confirm your KRA P.I.N. Number.
  6. Confirm your Identification Number.
  7. Confirm your Nationality.
  8. Fill in your physical address details.
  9. Fill in your Postal Address.
  10. Fill in your Postal Code.
  11. Fill in the details of your town and click next.
  12. Thereafter, you will be required to modify your password (you will receive a message from NTSA).
  • How to Modify your Password
  1. Please click on your name on the Home Page.
  2. On the user center, please click on Modify Password.
  3. Choose the authentication method, either your mobile phone number or your E-mail address.
  4. On the Username tab, please fill in your Identity Card Number
  5. On the phone number tab, request for verification message.
  6. Thereafter, fill in the verification information and click on submit.
  7. You will be required to fill in the details of your old password
  8. Fill in the details of your new password.
  9. Confirm the details of your new password and then click submit.

Mchakato huu utachukuwa takriban siku moja kukamilika.

Hakuna malipo ya kufungua akaunti ya TIMS

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