Microjustice provides:

Access to civil legal protection

We work to ensure legal certainty of individuals, as a guarantee of their rights and legitimate interests, avoiding court procedures, and thus, becoming a component and promoter of justice. Our legal protection is preventive, it happens prior to conflict, and its costs are a fraction of the social and economic expenses generated when it is left out. This protection is complementary to the governments already existing free legal aid for the poorest that generally focuses on criminal justice and conflict resolution in or outside the courts, but not so much on preventive and day-to-day justice.

Produces a country Index on the state of Civil Justice

In 2016, within the 2030 frame agenda, governments agreed to adopt official indicators on Criminal Justice and to be held accountable for reporting progress in this particular domain. It is now time to do the same for civil Justice.
Providing SDG indicators on Civil Justice, is the only way to hold governments accountable for results. We measure progress on proposed indicators and suggest interventions and standards. We help re-direct investments on justice programs that generate results. We think both transnational and as well as national

Our Mission?

Microjustice Kenya is a platform that connects people with fewer economic resources to satisfy their basic legal needs with legal professionals, making the enjoyment of their rights accessible under the same conditions as the rest of the population.

How does it work?

By registering:
  • You have full access to our templates, all the information and the progress of the case
  • We put you in contact with one of our lawyers according to your needs
  • We can help you with all the questions you have